CeNker JaKe sEn

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"I'm interested in flying, not thinking" Meryl Streep

scenes from sleep debt


A heart broken, desperate man stumbles upon a volatile situation, that may just work out in his favor. Lazaro, after losing his love, wanders the streets of Los Angeles, searching for an 'out' or a way to reunite himself with his lady, when fate delivers the perfect solution. 

Written by Edward Perez,

Directed by Chi K. In

Starring Edward Perez and Cenker Jake Sen

The Guide School

"Guide School" is a web series about whitewater river rafting. It's fictional. It will have some comedy, some drama and lots of exciting action footage on rivers in beautiful Northern California.

Written and Directed by Carol Tenney

heinz in your face

Directed by Luis Sinibaldi

Kiloz - Murder in the 1st Music Video